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Moft Laptop and Phone Stand

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

OK who would have known that I would be promoting a product: I first bought products from Moft when I purchased a Macbook Pro. It seemed like my style, innovative, minimalistic, and really sleek. After a few months with the laptop stand it really grew on me, the functionality of improving my ergonomic posture improved and it became a good talking point. Overall, I honestly believe it is a must-have!

I then signed up to purchase their phone stands and again, I was so impressed that it ticked all the aspects I ever needed in a phone cardholder. The fact I only need three cards with me at all times has made my life a tad bit more minimalistic, and I’ve appreciated the magnet capabilities of the phone. Although the stand isn’t ideal for selfies, having something this innovative has again had people talk about it.

Both products using high end materials really makes their products unique and I do not regret not buying them!

Yes, I believe I am extra, but hey, being a minimalist who is “extra” is quite tricky.

Pros and Cons - Summary

Pros - Style, Durable, Colours, Size and weight

Cons - Height level of stands

Pros - Style, Magnet strength, Size and weight, Good for desktop use

Cons - Durability, Discolouration over time, Not good for Tiktoks


Laptop stand 13”

Pros -

Style and posture work really well with a Macbook. I have the space grey Macbook, and the colour match almost feels like it came with the Macbook itself. I mostly use the stand wherever I go! From having to use my laptop on the go, Moft stand is useful in preventing the laptop from any drops or awkward posture. I find this particularly very useful on the train or on a random bench with no desk or hard surface to place my laptop. On a desk itself, it just helps to elevate the laptop to a slightly more comfortable position which I use in every lecture I go to.

It’s actually quite durable, I’ve used it for over a year now, and it appears to have zero signs of any wear or tear.

Cons -

The only drawback I can think of is the fact that there are only three heights which mostly position the laptop only slightly higher than it would generally be. Ideally, a laptop stand could be somewhat more dramatic with an eye-level stand, but I believe this is in the making and may not fit everyone’s fit.


The phone stands

Pros –

The magnetic capability is something I’ve come to appreciate in terms of creating more convenience for myself. I’ve paired this function with a magnetic phone stand that attaches to the air-con in my car and has a seamless experience for driving and positioning my phone. Although the magnet could be stronger, it is decent enough to hold your phone without any assistance (haven’t tried on a bigger/heavier phone). As an added bonus, they give you a magnetic wall stand which you can place anywhere, I use it for charging my phone, but in reality, you can put it anywhere.

I’ve mentioned this earlier but having three cards is enough for my everyday needs, I use to carry a cardholder as cash becomes obsolete and have invested in converting my cards to digital versions. Therefore, most of the cards you carry are really not needed. They sit there securely and without any issues and don’t make your phone look a tonne thicker or heavier.

Cons -

The durability on these phone stands is slightly less impressive compared to the laptop stand. This may occur because of the number of times I use my phone and its features and the fact that I put my phone through some rough places, i.e. drops or when I am getting lit. Regardless, I’ve had this for six months, and there are some signs of tearing but nothing a little glue can’t fix.

In addition to this and the nature of how we use our phones. I’ve noticed that my phone stand gathers a lot of dirt, therefore, in the last six months it has slightly discoloured from the beautiful space grey colour. Now I could wash it but am a little unsure how to do this. Once I figure that out, I’ll update this article.


If you do have any questions, please feel free to get in contact and be sure this visit the team at Moft.


Heres a cool video that highlights it's not just a product, but an experience :)


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